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Calvary greetings in the name of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ and I welcome you to the month of September which has been declared unto us as a season that we will sing A NEW SONG! 

The Bible says in Isaiah 42:10 “Sing unto the LORD a new song, and his praise from the end of the earth, ye that go down to the sea, and all that is therein; the isles, and the inhabitants thereof.” We are to let the world know of the Lord’s great and marvellous works.  Without mincing words, God has really been good to us and proved Himself as a covenant keeping God indeed.  The Psalmist declares that we should “remember his marvellous works that he hath done; his wonders, and the judgments of his mouth” (Psalm 105:5). 

The God we serve is a faithful God.  There is absolutely really nothing that is too hard for Him to do (Jeremiah 32:27).  If all you rely on is help from man, please know that such a help will only be temporal and unstable but the help from God is everlasting and complete.  In Isaiah 35:10 we are admonished that “… the ransomed of the LORD shall return, and come to Zion with songs and everlasting joy upon their heads: they shall obtain joy and gladness, and sorrow and sighing shall flee away.”  May you experience a season of everlasting joy in Jesus name. 

There are several reasons why we should sing a new song unto the Almighty God.  Summarily, first, we should sing a new song because He has done a New Thing (Isaiah 43:19, Psalm 146:5-6. Secondly, because He has promised to enter into a New Covenant with us (Hebrews 8:13, Isaiah 28:18). Thirdly, because He has given us a New Name (Isaiah 62:2) just like He did for Abraham in Genesis 17:5.  Fourthly, He said He will give us a New Tongue (Mark 16:17 and Isaiah 28:11). Fifthly, He said that we would receive a New Spirit from Him and also a New Heart (Ezekiel 36:26). Isn’t it amazing to know of these great promises of our God.  Hence David said in Psalm 149:1 that “Praise ye the LORD. Sing unto the LORD a new song, and his praise in the congregation of saints.”

In all, in this season of New Songs, I want to encourage you to praise Him like never before.  Declare His majesty in the entire city and beyond.  Make known His great deeds.  Know that although God created all things, His greatest joy comes from our genuine worship and trust. Work closely with Him genuinely and may you be clothed with His garment of praise and filled with His oil of joy in Jesus name (Isaiah 61:3).


Dr. Akpo Onduku.


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