His Word is Yea and Amen

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MEMORY VERSE: “His mother saith unto the servants, Whatsoever he saith unto you, do it. “    John 2:5

 BIBLE PASSAGE: John 2:1-5

 INTRODUCTION: God leads His children in definite ways. He loves to speak plainly with His own but when He speaks in codes, using signs and symbols, it is important that the recipients of such messages return to ask for the meaning or else the purpose of the communication is defeated – Jn.10:3. How do you hear from God plainly? May He speak clearly to you from now on, in Jesus’ name. 


The word God sends is for a purpose. It is to meet needs. He sent His word:

a.) To heal physically, spiritually and all-round – Ps.107:20.

b.) To deliver from trouble, dangers, and deaths, etc – Ps.107:20.

c.) To set us free from satanic bondages and self indulgence.

d.) To bless and deal with frustration, failures, etc – Lk.5:4.

e.) To save from sin and its consequences.

f.) To direct and show the way – Ps.119:105.

g.) To comfort and encourage us – Josh.1:3, 5-6.

h.) To protect – Deut.28:1, 6; Ps.91:11-12; Ps.105:14-15.

i.) To instruct us – Josh.1:8; Prov.1:10; 23:1-3.

j.) To correct us – Prov.3:11-12; Heb.12:5-8; 2 Tim.3:16.

Just receive the word as sent, obey and the purpose will be accomplished in your life – Isa.55:11.


The word instructs on what to do and how to do it. The word that came to Peter was very specific – Lk.5:4; Josh.1:3; Jonah 1:1-2; Mk.16:15. While some obeyed, others disobeyed but with dire consequences – Jon.1:3, 12. Are you obeying God? Even when the word sent is coded, seek Him for the meaning – Lk.8:4.


The word sent also states when action is to be taken. No procrastination is allowed. The purpose will be defeated if action is not taken at the right time. Delay is dangerous and it is a sin. God is a God of time. Jesus followed suit and we must also follow in His step. Any giant you fail to kill will destroy you before you know it – Eccl.3:1-3; Ps.102:13; Jn.9:4; Is.55:6; Heb.4:7.


The word is all-embracing. It will meet all your needs – physical, spiritual, social, economic etc. It comes very straightforward and time bound. Hearken and it shall be well with you.

Pastor E. A. Adeboye

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