Elements of Prayer

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MEMORY VERSE: “Be careful for nothing; but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God.” Philippians 4:6

BIBLE PASSAGE: Philippians 4:4-9

INTRODUCTION: In our last study, considerations were given to the definition of prayer, reasons for praying and where and when to pray. Hopefully, most of us should have cultivated the regular attitude of prayer by now, as we consider other aspects of prayer today. May the Holy Spirit help us even as we continue in our studies on the master key, prayer. 


Subject for prayers includes the following:

(a) Pray for the sick – Jam.5:13-16.

(b) Pray for all men, for the President, Governors, Commissioners, the General Superintendent, Pastors, Deacons, workers, the Choir, the ushers, the Sunday School Teachers, the children, the youths and the elders – I Tim.2:1-4.

(c) Pray for every Christian to be made perfect in Christ Jesus – Col.1:28.

(d) Pray for your enemies – Mt.5:38-48.

(e) Pray for wisdom and understanding – I Kgs.3:5-9.

(f) Pray for personal safety and the safety of others – Dan.6:18-23.

(g) Pray for a longer life – Isa. 38:1-5.

(h) Pray for the second coming of Christ, that you may be able to do the will of the Lord, to receive daily bread, forgiveness, guidance, victory over temptation and sin – Mt. 6:9-13. 

(i) Then include your own individual requests.  Do you think it is still difficult to pray without ceasing?


(a) The Holy Spirit should guide us in our praying – Rom.8:26-27. 

(b) We must pray with faith in the existence of God – Heb.11: 6.

(c) We must pray persistently – Lk. 18:1-8.

(d) We must pray with humility – 2 Chr.7:14. 

(e) We must not ask God to do anything contrary to His will – Mt. 26:39.

(f) We must forgive others if we want God to answer our prayers – Mk.11:25.

(g) We must be obedient to God – I Jn.3:22.

(h) We must not stray from the way – Jn.15:7.

(i) We must pray in Jesus’ name –  Jn.16:24.


There are four major causes of unanswered prayers, namely:

1). Unbelief – Jam.1:6-7. 

 2) An unforgiving spirit – Mk.11:25.  

3) Sin – Ps. 66:18.  

4) Asking amiss i.e. asking with wrong motives or against the will of God – Jam.4:3.  


Has any of your prayers been answered? Do you enjoy talking to the Almighty God? God enjoys listening to you as you talk to Him. Any sinner is privileged too to pray a simple prayer that God should be merciful to him or her.

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