Divine Assignment

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1) You are geographically designed – Your race, nationality and gender was decided by God for a reason Jer.1:5
2) You are geographically assigned – There is a place/location where you are meant to be. You have to ask God where is the place for your assignment? Matt. 15:21-28, Rom 1:16-17
3) You are specifically assigned – You were not created to just do anything, you have a purpose and specific Divine Assignment
Jer. 1:6, Jonah 3:2-5, Jer. 20:9

What are the benefits of aligning with God’s Divine Assignment, surrendering to God’s vision?
Divine Assistance – Joshua 1:5-9
Success – Psalm 23:6, Romans 8:19
Greatness – Daniel 11:32
You can only be superior to others in your area of gifting and assignment. Find out what yours is and walk in it. Dan. 1:17

Dr. Akpo Onduku

(Pastor, Chapel of Grace, Bradford)

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