Dangers of Unforgiveness

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MEMORY VERSE:  But if ye forgive not men their trespasses, neither will your Father forgive your trespasses.  Matthew 6:15

BIBLE PASSAGE: Matthew 18:21-35

INTRODUCTION: Not to forgive is to blame someone or be angry with someone for something that person has done. It is failure to pardon sins and let go as if they had never been committed. Unforgiving attitude is an act that must be found among Christians. Any believer in Christ who thrives in unforgiving attitude is standing on dangerous grounds. The Bible commends us to be imitators of God as dear children – Ephesians 5:1. In light of this, we should look up to God who at all times and in different circumstances forgives us our sins through the blood of Jesus Christ – Heb.9:14.


God made provisions for us to forgive whenever we sin and confess so that we can receive cleansing. The gospel of Jesus Christ offers forgiveness. Also, from our Bible passage, the king forgave his servant who owed him much. That king is God. 1 Jn.1:7-9; Mk.11:25; Matt.18:21-25.


Any believer in Christ who thrives in an unforgiving attitude is standing on dangerous ground.

i. Unforgiving attitude invokes the wrath of God and makes Him to hand you over to tormentors – Pro.11:21.

ii. Unforgiving attitude brings a harvest of evil deeds done to your offender upon you – Matt.18:30-34; Eccl.12:14.

iii. Unforgiving attitude prevents you from benefiting from the cleansing power of Jesus – 1 Jn.1:7-9.

iv. Unforgiving attitude makes Heaven reject your gifts and sacrifices.

v. Unforgiving attitude hinders answers to prayer – Matt.6:15.

vi. Unforgiving attitude makes someone a candidate for hell. 


An unforgiving attitude can rub you of God’s presence. Do you still keep records of wrongs done to you in the black book of your mind? Repent today.

Pastor E.A. Adeboye

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