COG News (February/March 2015)

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Praise Xtravaganza

For a sample of music by the Celebration Choir Click HERE For a sample of music by Danny Gough Click HERE  For a sample of music by Leroy Johnson Click HERE  For a sample of music by Rudo Zamchiya Click HERE  2,743 total views, no views today

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Let’s Talk Love

Saturday 14th February 2015 @ 6pm-8:30pm A relaxed evening of dinner, music and conversation for BOTH MARRIED AND UNMARRIED individuals and couples. Topics to be covered by the panel: What is love? Finding love (through the lens of a single guy) Expectations of Love Maintaining Love in Marriage (through the lens of a married man…

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2015 – Our Year of God’s Great Faithfulness

2015 – Our Year of God’s Great Faithfulness (Lamentations 3:22-23) 2015 is the year of His Faithfulness. God shall be faithful to you. His mercies, love, kindness and favour shall abound in your life, family, ministry, marriage, career and every area of your life in Jesus’ name (Lamentations 3:22-24) 2015 is a year of Abundant Grace…

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Read The Bible in 90 Days

Here’s how YOU can read the entire Bible in 90 Days: Read with a group– Accountability sure helps Form a group of those who also want to read the Bible and do it together. ###GOOD NEWS### Chapel of Grace is starting a 90 Day Bible Challenge on 1st January-31st March! We will be meeting every…

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