Great Awakening 2017

Great Awakening 2017 5 Days of God’s Glory, Revival, Healing and Deliverance. Wednesday 13th September – Sunday 17th September Don’t miss it! Everyday at 7pm, Sunday at 10am. 1,935 total views, 16 views today

1,935 total views, 16 views today

Grace Church Ballymena

We are very excited that God has led us to plant a church in Ballymena in July. Please pray along on how you can support. God Bless you 5,280 total views, 16 views today

5,280 total views, 16 views today

Vision Sunday

Come and be inspired! 81 total views, no views today

81 total views, no views today

Night of Wonders

Come and experience God’s Power! 110 total views, no views today

110 total views, no views today

Evangelism: The Key to Reclaiming the Nations

EVANGELISM: KEY TO RECLAIMING THE NATIONS The word evangelism refers to the practice of relaying information about a particular set of beliefs to others who do not hold those beliefs. In Christianity, evangelism is the act of witnessing or fulfilling the Great Commission (Matthew 28:16-20). The scriptures often describe “evangelism” as “spreading the Gospel”. Therefore,…

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Bradford City Stadium Healing and Miracle Crusade

Don’t miss this amazing event where God will do great miracles among us. You will hear testimonies of what God has done for others and have an opportunity to be prayed for yourself. Invite everyone you know! Click Here to view our video with more information 3,794 total views, no views today

3,794 total views, no views today