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It’s here! Royal Daughters Conference 2017! You are chosen by God for greatness, whether it looks like it right now or not, know that God has a purpose for your life. Join us for this conference and you will be greatly encouraged and motivated to be the best you that you can be. 177 total views,…

177 total views, 45 views today

Winning Relationships

Winning Relationships and Marital Breakthrough

The event you’ve been waiting for! An event that combines mountain moving prayer with wisdom concerning relationships and marriage. Don’t miss it! Dinner is also provided! 608 total views, 42 views today

608 total views, 42 views today

Maximum Exploits

Maximum Exploits

3 Days of Glory! Don’t Miss it! 607 total views, 42 views today

607 total views, 42 views today


Ladies, join us on Saturday 21st January at 11am-1pm as we strategise for the next level! Come with your prayer requests as we will be praying over them with confidence that God will do signs and wonders among us in Jesus name 1,643 total views, 43 views today

1,643 total views, 43 views today

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